Charlie Ambrose


Early On
My business-creation journey began via Instagram when I started growing IG pages in 2017. I grew, moneitzed, and sold pages in a variety of niches before starting a different venture in the social space: Flex.

Starting Flex
With Flex, I helped clients grow online presences on multiple social platforms. My team focused on innovative approaches to help antiquated (or maybe "seasoned") businesses connect in a unique way with their customers and achieve the digital presences they desired for their companies.

Work in Blockchain
Through my work with Flex, I connected with people from around the globe and began to hear more and more about cryptocurrency and the benefits of blockchain technology. After reading more about the problems blockchain had the potential to alleviate, I was hooked and began to search for how to get involved. In late 2021, during my freshman year of college, I began contributing to a few DAOs, doing research and UI/UX design. Today, I am building tools and communities to make the capabilities of blockchain technology more accessible to all.

Feel free to check out more of what I’m working on here.

When I’m Offline…
When I'm not tinkering with different projects, I love to make music, read, and write. Email, DM, or connect with me below, and let's chat about how to build tomorrow.