Charlie Ambrose

Cuick Media

January, 2019 - June, 2019

I founded Cuick Media as a way to connect content creators on Instagram through monetization. Cuick was a collection of over one hundred creators with five million followers among them. Our team at Cuick generated revenue by selling large advertisements to our massive following.

Cuick was one of the original entities to begin large-scale marketing for sports media giant Playline. I ran Cuick for the majority of 2019 before focusing more on my next venture, Flex.

A Lesson Learned: Scale scalably. Build an unshakeable foundation and scale at a rate proportional to the rate by which the foundation strengthens. It was an exhilarating experience to go from two creators to over one hundred and about two hundred thousand followers to five million in about a month and a half, but this rapid scale in a new area caused issues with getting proper valuations from advertisers and building something truly self-sustaining.

TLDR: Scale Scalably

Flex Media Marketing

September, 2019 - Present

My team and I at Flex run Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat campaigns as well as work growth strategies with our clients. At Flex, we have grown our clients’ social media presences by millions of real followers through multiple proven strategies. Check out a couple of our awesome clients below:

Monroe Engineering - - We have grown Monroe’s social media presence from one hundred twenty to over 1.5 million followers and growing since we started with them in late 2019.

(ACQUIRED) Sweet: Lower Phone Bills - - We grew Sweet’s social media presence by two thousand followers in about a month as well as built them an Instagram marketing network of nearly four hundred ten thousand followers.

“My experience working with Flex has been superb. Charlie has grown our social media following immensely. At Monroe, we pride ourselves on innovation, and we see Instagram as the next frontier of growth with endless possibilities. I am very glad Flex was able to show us the real potential of social media for Monroe.” -Garrett, CEO of Monroe Engineering

A Lesson Learned: "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value" - Albert Einstein. Add value and everything else will follow.

NEAR Protocol Fellowship

January, 2022 - March, 2022

The first crypto wave I witnessed was 2017. I laughed it off and thought nothing of this imaginary money. Luckily, I decided to look more into this strange cypherpunk, libertarian fantasy again in 2019. Fast forward a couple years of learning more and more about the blockchain space and just diving head first into it all, I was offered a two-month fellowship as an Entrepreneur in Residence at NEAR.

NEAR is revolutionizing blockchain by making it more scalable and much more easy and intuitive to build on. I am continuing to learn more about blockchain tech every day, and it was a joy to have the freedom to learn at NEAR.

At NEAR, I worked on NEAR University, a place where people from around the globe can come to learn how to build on/with blockchain tech.

My Background

My business-starting journey began on social media when I started working on Instagram in the fall of 2017. My good friend and I were growing sports pages for fun when he received a message from a company called Bullpen Labs. Bullpen (now Wave Sports) wanted to buy his basketball page of approximately thirty thousand followers and pay him monthly to manage it.

This was an unthinkable offer for us at the time, and it made clear to me that this was a real opportunity. I was very intrigued and immediately found a page of my own, sold it to Wave, and joined their team.

When I left Wave to found my own venture, Cuick, I was managing @dunked (now @buckets) with over eight hundred thousand followers at the time and a team of five content creators that I directed. A personal Instagram page that I recently grew with my team to over 720,000 organic followers before selling it in early 2022 is @gadgetings. Feel free to check it out!

When I'm not tinkering with different projects, I love to research emergering tech, make music, and write. Email, DM, or connect with me below, and let's chat about how to build tomorrow.